Stand Up Paddle Board

Ultra Lightweight & High Weight Capacity

Our Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is 10’6" X 32" X 6", Weight 23 lbs, Maximum Weight Capacity is Up to 215-300 lbs - Ideal for All Skill Levels Surfing, and providing excellent glides for cruising, fitness, fishing, and exploring.

Safety First & Extremely Stable

High-Class Non-Slip Soft Top Deck Nice to Beginners and Better for Improved Stability and Balance While Standing. it goes to a triple layer composite PVC construction w/ carbon fiber rails to decrease weight. In doing so, we created a board that not only is stable but also a board that is lightweight and maneuvers well.

Longer Lifespan

All stand up paddle board products are tested for safety and durability. Constructed with additional PVC layer of board rails are highly strengthened the board to protect your board from the sun and premature material fading for a longer life.

Inflatable & Portable

Take your paddle board with you wherever you go! It quickly inflates or deflates for easy storage, making it ideal for the lake, river or ocean.

Stand Up Paddle Board Features

  • 1.Extra wide for better balance: Large enough and reasonable size, balancing & stabilizing on top of our paddle board is a breeze.
  • 2. Soft, stable & anti-slip top deck: Perfect for beginners, we've upgraded this inflatable paddle board with a no-slip soft top that cushions your fall when slips or accidents occur they happen to the best of us, so might as well be prepared.
  • 3.Best paddling maneuverability: Outfitted with triple bottom panel fins, steering & handing the stand up inflatable paddle board is incredibly easy offering exceptional surf control, you'll be gliding & skimming the water like a sea creature.
  • Other Accessories: Springs, Shoe Bag, Ladder, Anchor Kit...
  • 4.Portable & inflatable stand up paddle board: 100% travel-friendly, this unique sup inflatable paddle board is preferred by those who have a knack for adventure take it with you om surfing excursions or keep it in your car for those times you want to explore.

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